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What's The Good Of Growing Teeth? Why Do So Many People Like It?
Jul 13, 2018

Good teeth, good appetite, the body can be healthier. Tooth loss can affect chewing, but also affect the beauty of the need for repair treatment.

Dental implant is a better way to repair, it has a lot of advantages, specifically the following points:

1, beautiful shape: the small size of dental implants, easy to use, feel comfortable. This is the reason why many patients choose to grow their teeth with their friends. Without the base and clasp its appearance and function are consistent with natural teeth, the ideal implant teeth in the mouth will not appear foreign body feeling, which is conducive to the maintenance of oral health, comfortable and beautiful, so that you forget the existence of dentures.

2, stable and reliable: stability is the advantage of growing teeth, because the implant selection is the biocompatibility of a good pure titanium made of, it and alveolar bone through the combination of bone, very strong, such as real teeth rooted in the patient's mouth, deep-rooted, stable and reliable.

3, in line with the principle of biology: implant teeth and natural teeth have a very similar structural design, can chew the pressure of the root through the artificial implant to the alveolar bone, simulation of the biomechanical principle of the real tooth, so can withstand a strong chewing power, compared with the traditional dentures have significantly improved.

4, a wide range of applications: with the continuous development of dental implant technology, dental implant indications are also expanding, all kinds of tooth defects can be repaired through dental implants. Even if the bone mass of alveolar bone is insufficient, it can still be solved by bone grafting, even in the absence of teeth in the whole mouth, can still be through artificial root implantation of the patients with complete tooth defect to obtain a fixed denture repair opportunities.

5, do not harm the adjacent teeth: implant teeth through the teeth of the missing teeth in the alveolar bone implant artificial root, then in the artificial root of the crown installed porcelain crowns, with independent root fixation, no need to rely on the adjacent teeth to be fixed, healthy adjacent teeth will not have any harm, which is the reason why dental implants are so popular.

6, the protection of alveolar bone: tooth loss after the alveolar bone will be different degrees of loss, dental implants to the entire alveolar bone can play a very good protective effect, tooth loss after the alveolar bone will appear in varying degrees of atrophy. The artificial root of dental implant is deeply rooted in alveolar bone, which can effectively prevent alveolar bone atrophy and alveolar bone resorption.

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