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What Is The Difference Between A Personalized Base Table And A Finished Base For Dental Implants?
Jul 13, 2018

It is believed that many people are unfamiliar with the term implant, which is a part of dental implants exposed to the mucosa, providing support, retention and stabilizing effects on the prosthesis of the upper structure. base table and personalized base table and finished base, then, what is the difference between the two?

The layman sees two kinds of base stations almost, in fact two kinds of difference is very big.

The base table of the finished product is the base station produced by the dental company, usually only a few specifications. Like buying clothes, only large and small increase several models.

Advantages: The price is cheap, and the implant is very good.

Disadvantages: Can not be based on the patient's gum situation, not enough beauty, bonding retention may lead to adhesive is not easy to remove, resulting in planting surrounding inflammation. The placement of the implant is highly demanding, and improper use may result in tooth occlusion. The basic use of plug teeth is finished base.

Personalized base table is based on the shape of the patient's gums customized base.


1, beautiful

2, the use of finished base to make the Crown porcelain layer thickness uneven, easy to touch porcelain. Personalized base table similar to the base of natural teeth, the production of the Crown is not easy to stretch porcelain.

3. Easy to remove the binder. Prevent the binder from entering the gum ditch to induce inflammation around the implant.

Disadvantages: The price is much more expensive. About 10% of your total price.

Each doctor decides which base station to use based on his own experience and knowledge. The use of appropriate, finished base table also has a good success rate. Old doctors used to use finished base units, but the personalized base table would be better.

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