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What Are The Components Of Dental Implants? What Are Their Roles?
Jul 13, 2018

Dental implants include body parts, base piles, healing caps, gum shaper, sanitary caps, and central bolts.

(1) Body part. It is the key part to obtain support, retention and stability when implant teeth implant in oral tissue. The implant body, implanted in soft tissue, is called a stent, which is reticular, and the body part of the implanted bone is called an implant or a fixed pile, also known as a bone inner segment.

(2) Foundation pile. The upper dentures are connected with the implant through it.

(3) Healing caps. Also known as the cover screws, it is the use of threaded screw into and fixed in the implant body parts. The function of the hole which is connected with the foundation pile is mainly the temporary covering body part.

(4) Gum molding device. Also known as the healing base, in dental implant surgery, due to surgical wound bleeding will affect the vision of the operator, in the pile rotation may inadvertently squeeze soft tissue into the base pile and body part, resulting in soft tissue necrosis infection. This component can solve the above problems.

(5) Sanitary cap. is the screw at the top of the pile. The health cap is a screw that prevents food residues from entering the base pile until the base pile is installed and the upper dentures are not mounted.

(6) Central bolts. Also known as the central Screw, is through the base pile and make it connected to the body to become a whole rod screws.

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