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Safety Failure Forms And Test Methods For High-speed Milling Cutters
Jul 13, 2018

The draft standard stipulates the speed limit of high speed cutting, after which the centrifugal force will become the main load of the milling cutter, and the safety technology must be adopted. In the relationship between the cutter diameter and the high speed cutting range, the milling cutter in the above curve area must undergo a safe inspection of the high speed cutting range: for the diameter d1≤32mm single piece tool (whole or welding tool), its cutting speed surpasses 10000m/mm for the high speed cutting range; for diameters d1> 32mm Assembly Machine Clamp tool, high speed cutting range for segment BC or above area. There are two kinds of safety failure forms of high speed milling cutters: deformation and rupture. The safety test methods for different types of milling cutters are also different. For machine clamp indexable Milling cutters, there are two types of safety test methods: One method is to test at 1.6 times times the maximum rotating speed, the permanent deformation of the tool or the displacement of the part is not more than 0.05mm; Another method is to test at twice times the maximum operating speed, the tool does not rupture (including the screws with the clamping blade being cut off, Blade or other clamping elements are flung away, the knife body burst, etc.). As for the integral milling cutter, it must be tested at twice times the maximum operating speed without bending or breaking.

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