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How To Use Fixed Nail Pile In Tooth Repair?
Jul 13, 2018

When the tooth body is difficult to be repaired by a serious defect, the method of tooth prosthesis with reinforcing position can be used.

The filling body is connected to the tooth body by the fixing nail, which acts as a fixed filling body, which can be transferred quickly to the teeth around the fixing nail and the bottom of the filling body after the filling body is subjected to force. The commonly used fixation nails are bonded fixed-position nails, friction fixation nails and self-attack self-breaking screw fixed three kinds of nails. The first two kinds of complicated operation, the retention effect is poor and gradually by the self-tapping screw screws instead. The screw can be placed on a slow mobile phone to promote the operation of simple and standardized, excellent retention effect, the nail road is located in the essence of the enamel dentin 1.5mm teeth. The depth is not less than 2mm, the direction should be consistent with the tooth surface, when approaching the gum, no damage to the periodontal tissue, into the dentin after the length of the fixed nail should occupy the total length of the 1/2〜2/3, while the fixed nail on the thickness of the filling material should be kept not less than 2mm, too thin, the material may be broken, fixed pin around at least There are 0.5mm of voids to fill the repair material, zinc phosphate can be used to adhere to the powder, but also a small number of bonding agent light fixed nail.

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