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Go To The Scheming Than The CNC Lathe Good?
Jul 13, 2018

Because of the different structure and the traditional CNC lathe, so go all the processing efficiency and processing accuracy is higher than the CNC lathe. Go scheming using two-axis arrangement tool, this design greatly saves the processing cycle time, by shortening the tool exchange time between the cutter and the tool table, realizes the overlapping function of multiple tool table overlap and the effective axis of the thread chip, and reduces the direct spindle's function in two times, and shortens the real time. In the process of the spindle and workpiece clamping parts, the chip cutter has been playing a very important role, it provides a strong guarantee for the constant processing accuracy. Go all over the market, 38mm is its largest processing diameter, which makes the precise axis in the precision machining market occupies a great advantage. This series of machine tools can also be equipped with automatic feeding device to achieve the automatic production of a single machine tool, reduce the labor costs and production process of bad products, can be used to produce large quantities of precision shaft parts.

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