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Tool classification
Jul 13, 2018

The tool can be divided into five types according to the form of workpiece processing surface: processing various external surface tools including lathe knives, planer, milling cutter, external surface broach and file, etc. hole machining tools include drill bits, reaming drills, boring cutters, reamer and inner surface broach, etc. thread machining tools include Taps, dies, automatic opening and closing thread cutters, threaded lathe knives and threaded milling cutters, etc. Gear machining tools including hob, slotting cutter, shaving cutter, bevel gear and broach, etc. cutting tools include circular saw blades, band saws, bow saws, cutting tools and saw blade mills, etc. In addition, there are combination cutters. According to the cutting movement mode and the corresponding blade shape, the cutting tool can be divided into three categories: general tools such as car knives, planer, milling cutter (excluding forming lathe, shaping planer and forming milling cutter), boring cutter, drill bit, reaming drill, reamer and saw, etc. the blade of such tool has the same or near-same shape as the cross-section of the workpiece being machined, such as forming lathe knives, forming planer, forming milling cutter, broach, cone reamer and a variety of thread processing tools, special tools to process some special workpiece, such as: gears, spline and other tools. such as, slotting knives, shaving knives, bevel gear planer and bevel gear milling cutter.

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