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Implant type
Jul 13, 2018

Implant refers to the artificial root part of the human jaw implant in the edentulous area, instead of the natural root to support the upper denture. Dental implants can be divided into dozens of kinds according to planting site, material, shape, structure and surface form.

According to the planting site classification: submucosal implant, periosteum under the implant, root implant, bone implant. The most commonly used in clinical practice is in vivo bone implants.

According to the types of materials used for planting: bio-ceramic, metal (titanium and titanium alloy), carbon category, polymer.

By planting shape classification:Cylindrical, threaded, ladder-like, vertebral body, leaf shape and so on.

Classification by planting Structure: section and two-type

By planting surface morphology classification: Smooth surface and rough surface.

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