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19C27 Stainless Steel

19C27 Stainless Steel

Application domain: for Medical
Material: Ultra high anti-rust & high-hardness stainless steel
     titanium, titanium alloy
     high anti-rust stainless steel

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19C27 Stainless steel

Application domain: for Medical
Material: Ultra high anti-rust & high-hardness stainless steel
       titanium, titanium alloy
       high anti-rust stainless steel

Products Description

  LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of medical tools, such as Profile Drill, Dental Milling Bur/ Zirconia Bur, High Precision Fittings, Abutment/Transfer, ect. We can produce a whole kit of tools for customers' surgical cases.

  A complete line of Ophthalmic Surgical Knives includes Stab Knife, Slit Knife and Clear Cornea Knife, Parallel Side Knife, Trapezoid Knife, Implant Knife, Round Tunnel Knife and Crescent Tunnel Knife.

LZQ is the world class leader in high-quality surgical blades distinguished by:

  • Sharpness

  • Consistency

  • Safety

  LZQ Safety Knives are designed to deliver exceptional precision, sharpness and consistency. These safety-engineered, single-use knives are designed to minimize the risk of accidental surgical blade injuries that could occur during all phases of a surgical procedure: before use, during passing, between steps of the procedure, after use, or during disposal.

  LZQ Safety Knives represent a significant advance in the area of safety-engineered ophthalmic surgical products.
The knives feature an easy-to-use, retractable safety shield designed to protect the user from the risk of sharps injuries. The knives promote no-look, single hand use.

  Dental technical driver/hand driver for abutment

  Ratchet hex driver for implant

  Tissue Punch Driver

  Hand piece screwdriver for prosthetics

  Contra angle screwdriver for prosthetics

  Hand piece screwdriver for implant


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